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Every Child Matters Mug

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(Michelle) designed this orange Memorial Bear “Every Child Matters” for the world to remember the tragedies of the residential schools and sixties scoop in Canada.
Michelle's family had a brother taken from us by the church and child welfare during the sixties scoop. There is not a day that those goes by that she wonders what it
would like to grow up with an older brother.
This separation still affects her family. Today, her brother Jim lives in British Columbia. Our family are sixties scoop survivors. Michelle's mother, Margaret Goudie Parsons wrote a story called “My Sophisticated Suit” about what happened to her and her father in how their son, Jim was taken away from them. This story is printed by Random House Canada in a book called “My Wedding Dress.”
Please remember 215 little children bodies were found in British Columbia. The Memorial Bear was created to always remember all children taken away from their families that they are not forgotten.