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Meet Our Upholsterer

Seal Skin Upholstery Maker and Designer

From Georgia to Goose Bay

Swearinger spent most of his life in Georgia, in the southern United States, where he began doing upholstery work by asking the owner of a shop nearby where he grew up to help out to earn some extra cash.
"I stuck my head in the door and asked him did he need any help. He talked to me for a minute or two and said, 'yeah, come by tomorrow evening,'" he said.
Swearinger said he started out stripping off old upholstery and eventually worked his way up and learned more from the owner of the shop.
He said his specialty while in the U.S. was working on show cars, laying carpeting and upholstering head liners and doors — until he met his future wife on an online dating site. Swearinger said he saw her name and location and decided on a whim to send her a message. Not having a clue where Labrador, he took the chances and ended up being true love.

One of Canada's Only Sealskin Upholstery Furniture Makers

Danny Swearinger has been upholstering and repairing furniture for nearly 40 years and is one of the only sealskin upholstery furniture makers in the country. 

Despite the challenge of working with the sealskin material, Swearinger believes that the finished product is worth it, and has worked with several local Labrador businesses including the Royal Inn & Suites and the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce.

Read more about Danny and the growing demand for sealskin upholstery in CBC's article "How an upholsterer in Labrador is putting the 'fur' in furniture with sealskin"


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